Nadova Travel launched a Cuba Tour package for Vietnamese people aroud the world

Cuba is one of the most myteristic countries in the world, proud to be the pearl of the Caribbean Sea. This place has architecture from the 1500s, long green beaches and many other natural beauties. Tourists feel as if they have returned to the past when passing through colorful ancient towns and riding on classic cars from the 50s and 60s of the last century. People in Cuba are also ranked among the friendliest people in the world. Just those reasons alone make Cuba truly a destination you must visit once in your life.

The relationship between Vietnam and Cuba was formed on the basis of shared revolutionary ideals and the same goal of fighting for national reunification and building socialism. For more than 60 years, the Vietnam – Cuba friendship has been a beautiful symbol of international solidarity. President Fidel Castro’s famous quote: “For Vietnam, we are willing to devote our blood” became an imperative to every Cuban and melted the heart of every Vietnamese.

Vietnamese people have heard about Cuba for a long time thanks to the close and strong relationship between the two countries, but opportunities to visit Cuba are still limited. Therefore, the need to visit the island nation of Cuba among Vietnamese people is increasing, especially those who want to “return to the past” to enjoy a gentle and peaceful space but full of laughter.

It is a fact that there is no unit or organization in Vietnam that organizes a specialized Cuba Tour to satisfy the need to learn about this wonderful country. Realizing that, Nadova Travel has surveyed and built a Cuba Tour program for Vietnamese people living in the country and abroad. This is a practical way to strengthen the relationship between Vietnam and Cuba that our ancestors have built up to now.

“This is a tour program specially designed for customers who want to explore Cuba to the fullest.

Nadova Travel is the first and only unit in Vietnam to organize an independent Cuba Tour for Vietnamese people around the world to meet the increasing demand in recent years.” Said Mr. Nam Thach Quang – Vice Director of Nadova Travel

There are 2 forms customers can register Tour with Nadova Travel

Package 1: Cuba Full Package Tour, starts and ends in Vietnam

+ Group size of 10 people or more.

+ Duration is 11 days and 10 nights (Including round-trip flight time from Vietnam to Cuba and time to visit Cuba)

+ Price 105,000,000 VND (around $4468)

Package 2: Cuba Landtour, starts and ends in Havana

+ Group size of 06 people or more.

+ Duration is 08 days and 07 nights (Including round-trip flight time from Vietnam to Cuba and time to visit Cuba)

+ Price $2000

The Tour Program has many interesting tourist places in Cuba.


Havana is the capital of Cuba, the heart and soul of this beautiful island nation. If tourists want to explore all the beauty of Havana, they can go to the Elcapitolio National Assembly Building, La Plaza de la Revolución, Havana Opera House,…

Vinales (Pinal del Rio)

Viñales is where premium cigars are grown and produced, considered a symbol of Cuba. The vernacular architecture of farms and villages illustrates the cultural development of the Caribbean islands and of Cuba.


Varadero is considered a paradise with a length of about 30km, including 22km of beaches. In addition, the climate here is pleasant all year round. In 2019 this beach was ranked as the second most beautiful beach in the World.


Trinidad is one of the ancient cities recognized by UNESCO as a World cultural heritage site in 1988. This “symphony from the past” contains history, beauty and culture, creating a tourist destination. unforgettable calendar.


Cienfuegos is a picturesque coastal city with a laid-back charm known as Cuba’s Pearl of the South. The city of Cienfuegos was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2005.

Santa Clara

Santa Clara is the nation’s fifth largest city and a city that has played an important role in the country’s history since its founding in 1689. Life in Santa Clara is bustling and vibrant, completely different from the rest of the world. the name “revolutionary city”.